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There are two circumstances in which UK Biobank will consider a reduced access fee of £500 (plus VAT) for data-only requests.

Student applications

Applications from bona fide students where the following criteria are met:

  • The application is submitted by a student or their supervisor for the sole purpose of performing the student’s research project (the resulting paper must be authored by the student).
  • The application cannot be used to conduct research for any other purpose, nor can it be used for multiple student (or other) projects.
  • Any collaborators (which are permitted only at UK Biobank’s discretion) must have a clearly articulated and relevant role in the production of the research project.

Low and low-middle income countries

Applications from low and middle income countries can receive financial support to cover the reduced application fee of £500 (plus VAT).  


UK Biobank will keep this reduced-fee regime under regular review to ensure that it is being used appropriately and fairly.

We require researchers to provide evidence how they meet this criteria when they submit their application. Please message the Access Team via the application on Access Management System.

Please note, applications granted the reduced access fee will only able to access UK Biobank data via the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform only.


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