Why does the number of participants not match between Data Showcase, a basket and the RAP?

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Each UK Biobank participant can withdraw consent to the use of their data at any time. Since 2006 about 1,000 participants have withdrawn. When a participant withdraws, their data is removed from the RAP and it is no longer sent out in baskets. However, the numbers listed on Data Showcase are only updated when there is a Data Showcase refresh. The most recent refresh date can be found on the Timelines page, and future releases are visible here.

This means that the numbers listed in Data Showcase are likely to be slightly different from the numbers available on the RAP. If the difference is small, then it is likely to be due to these withdrawals.

Researchers working with the RAP data should use the RAP counts. Researchers working with baskets should use the counts of participants present in the basket (which may be slightly different from the numbers posted on Showcase).

If the difference is large, it would be necessary to check that the fields being compared are actually equivalent. Most fields on the RAP have a link to the equivalent Data Showcase page. (This link can be found in the Cohort Browser when adding a column to a cohort.) Most fields on the RAP have the same field number in Data Showcase. If you are still concerned, please contact us with precise details of which field(s) you are looking at.

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