Why is a whole field missing from my dataset?

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There are a few reasons fields can be missing from a dataset. These are: 

  • You can see the Quick Start categories. These are used for adding data to a basket only include the most commonly requested fields, not all the related fields.  In particular, none of the Quick Start categories includes the Olink Proteomics data nor the Nightingale Metabolomics data.
  • You need a field that is not in your basket. Please create a new basket and add the field to it. Then, wait for the new notification email about the new basket.
  • Bulk data fields need to be downloaded separately, see Section 3 of the Data Access Guide, so only the tabular data fields appear in the main dataset. Please check the type of the missing field.
  • Some fields are restricted. Usually, it would not be possible to add a restricted field to a basket.   However, if a field has recently become restricted, it might be missing. Please check whether the missing field is restricted.
  • For large datasets, conversion to Stata format can cause missing fields. Please consider using a different format. If this is not convenient, please request the data in smaller baskets.
  • Fields with arrays or instances will have field-name suffixes. For example, field 53 will be listed as 53_i0, 53_i1, 53_i2 and 53_i3. See Section 2.5 of the Data Access Guide.

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