Why are datafields missing from my dataset?

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There are a number of reasons why this could happen. These are: 

  • Many UK Biobank fields have data only for a subset of participants. The field page in Data Showcase will provide an estimate of how many participants have data for the field.
  • New data is being added to the UK Biobank database. The basket should contain the data that was available when the basket was created. When new data is added to the database, it will not appear in the basket. To receive the up-to-date data for each field, please request a refresh of the basket.
  • If the download, the unpack or the conversion steps do not complete successfully, the data may be corrupt or some might be missing. Please check the MD5sum values for each step. If one is incorrect, try the step again.
  • A small amount of data is being removed from the UK Biobank biomedical database. See Section 2.6.3 of the Data Access Guide which discusses participant withdrawals.

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