Why are there several fields for one disease?

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When participants attend an assessment visit, they answer questions about illnesses they have had before the visit. This self-report data is stored in fields 20002 and 20001. It is also provided in separate fields such as 2443, which is specifically about self-reported Diabetes.

UK Biobank receives linked health-related outcome data from the Cancer Registry, Death Registry, NHS Digital (Hospital) and Primary Care providers (GP). This data is available in different fields, and also in the data portal. UK Biobank has collected data from several of these sources and listed the First Occurrence of each illness in fields such as 130709. For some diseases there are also Algorithmically Defined Outcome fields such as those in Category 42.

Some participants also answer online questionnaires, such as the chronic pain questionnaire, which includes data about diabetes, provided in field 120007.

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