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The results of your research using UK Biobank data should be returned to us within 6 months of entering the public domain (whether that be through published papers, conference presentations, postings of results on websites or social media, etc.) or within 12 months of the end of your project, whichever comes first.

Researchers are required to return all key individual-level variables that are derived from bulk data and generated as part of the research, together with a clear data dictionary, the underlying code/methods used to generate them (that is well-annotated), and the corresponding doi (e.g. obtained from Github, Zenodo, Datacite, etc.).

The reason why UK Biobank obliges researchers to return their results is to:

    1. Incorporate important derived data-fields into the resource so they can be used by others.
    2. Make available the underlying methodology used to generate the main findings of the research so that others can confirm, refute or expand on the published analyses.

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