Submitting publications and use of UK Biobank images

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Submitting your publication

It is important that you notify the access management team of your publication before it is published. You can do this by sending a copy to with the manuscript and approved project number, or by loading it directly onto the Access Management System. Approval of publications by UK Biobank is not required, but UK Biobank does request that you let us know and provide a copy at least 2 weeks prior to the date of publication.

Please ensure that you use the following in the Acknowledgments section in your paper:
"This research has been conducted using the UK Biobank Resource under Application Number xxxxx."

Publicising your research

If you plan to issue a press release to announce your paper, we ask that you please read the communications guidelines here and share a copy of the release with the UK Biobank communications team by emailing

Whilst we are happy for you to use UK Biobank images for your publication, please get in touch with us before doing so; we would like to make sure that there is no prospect of a participant being identified and the correct copyright credits are included. UK Biobank endorses the open access policies described by the Wellcome.

Image Acknowledgements

If you wish to use a UKB image in your paper, please email with the image you wish to use, along with the Project ID this relates to. Once use of the image has been approved by our Scientific team, please add the following acknowledgement when using UKB images in your paper-

“Reproduced by kind permission of UK Biobank ©"

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