Why does my Data Platform - Approvals section appear to be expiring?

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Upon first registering for RAP usage, you will need to validate your account. Occasionally the platform may ask you to refresh your link, for security reasons. Among others, this can happen if your state on the AMS changes for any reason (e.g. if you update your contact details on the AMS). If you have not done so, you will also need to add your date of birth to your AMS account, in order to access the RAP. Please note, your registration will be temporarily closed, until these amendments have been verified.


You may receive a message, stating that your project will be deleted in the RAP by a certain date. You may also find an upcoming expiry date in your profile in AMS:



The projects on UKB-RAP are eligible for deletion considered inactive or unfunded and will be removed if one of the following criteria are met. This will help ensure the best user experience for active projects and will help optimize use of the platform.


  • The project has not been accessed for the last 60 days, with no requests from those with access to the project have been made to browse project folders and files. In addition, the project contains only the dispensed UK Biobank data and does not have any derived data generated by the user or others


  • The project is billed to a wallet that has no funds available. In addition, the project contains generated data resulting in ongoing storage charges.


If your project is considered inactive and for any reason  you would like to keep this project, please re-access the project. If the project is no longer inactive, it will not be deleted. 

If your project is considered unfunded and for any reason you would like to keep this project, then one of the following actions:


  • Add funds to the wallet that the project is billed to.
  • Transfer the project to another wallet that has funds.
  • Delete all generated data and ensure no user generated data remains in the project


Further information can be found on DNA Nexus FAQs: https://dnanexus.gitbook.io/uk-biobank-rap/frequently-asked-questions



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